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Timm Gillette has been actively engaged in the craft of photography for over 20 years, ever since access to his Dad's old Nikon FM made him the de facto choice for head photographer of his high school newspaper. An immediate connection to the camera lens view of the surrounding world started a love affair that has persisted through every interest in his life. Self taught for many years, Timm returned to school and earned a degree in Photographic Technology from the nationally renowned program at Washtenaw Community College in Ypsilanti, MI. He earned a 2nd degree in Graphic Design from Montgomery College. Timm currently resides in and is having a love affair with Baltimore.

Timm works to balance his natural visual style with a formal basis is the technical aspects of his art. Trained in traditional film and darkroom, he prefers his finished fine art work to be completed in these time-tested techniques. His black and white photos are hand printed on fiber based paper and hand sepia toned in his own home. Because of this hands-on printing approach, each of his photo prints are a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork.

His work has been displayed in venues ranging from galleries in his home state of Michigan to PR work for the University of Maryland, Big Pop Records in Philadelphia, PA, and across the Atlantic for University Players in London and Cappuccino Music in Germany. His fine art photography was part of a collaborative multi- media project entitled “Molding Nature: mud, stone & lens” that was displayed at Mars, The Real Estate Store in Hilton Head, South Carolina.